Confluence Financial Partners is a wealth management firm in Pittsburgh, PA on a mission to help people plan for a brighter future by focusing on what matters most.

Our mission

We build long-lasting, trusted relationships with our clients. We do it by going all in, dedicating our team’s resources, energy, and passion into delivering value to each and every client.

For Individuals

We’ll work together to define your unique financial, life, and legacy goals, then craft a comprehensive plan carefully designed to achieve them.

For Businesses

We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to build customized employer-sponsored retirement plans that help their employees take control of their retirement.

The Confluence Story

Confluence Financial Partners was founded to set a new standard in the financial services industry for our clients and our associates. On our quest, we’ve been joined by more than 2,600 families in 40 states and have become one of our region’s fastest-growing organizations. Watch this short video to learn more.

Ask an Advisor

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