For Businesses

As financial advisors of retirement plans for local companies, we provide custom solutions that are advantageous to both the plan sponsor and the participants — plans that are simple, straightforward and easy to understand.


We can implement a full suite of custom retirement plans to help your employees plan for the future, and help you attract and retain a motivated, productive workforce.

  • 401(k) plans
  • 401(k) profit-sharing plans
  • Safe-harbor 401(k) plans
  • Defined benefit plan
  • Cash balance plan

Are we a good fit for your business?

We would be happy to conduct a no-cost, no-obligation review of your current financial portfolio or investment plan, to determine if it is in line with your long-term goals.
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Providing clarity and compliance.

Count on us to help you and your employees clearly understand your roles, your responsibilities and how to move forward.

Fee Transparency

We deliver clear and upfront pricing with level fees. You will never have to search to find out what your real costs are.

Investment Policy Statement

We provide straightforward explanations of your plan options, goals and policies, in person and in writing.

Fiduciary Portfolio

We put all of your plan documents in one place and work closely with your plan administrator to ensure your plan is compliant.

Designing the best possible plan
for your business

We design your custom plan based on your organization's objectives with services that include:

Annual/Semi Annual Plan Review with Trustees

Regular, in-depth reviews of your plan by a team of experts ensures your plan is compliant and on track. This review confirms the plan is on track with the objectives outlined in the Investment Policy Statement.

Plan design for new or takeover plans

Your plan design is tailored to meet your organization's objectives, while striving for maximum retirement readiness among plan participants.

Annual/Semi Annual Employee Education

We take a personalized approach in helping every participant get to retirement as "well prepared" as they can be. These sessions ensure your employees understand their benefits and how to maximize them.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We believe better informed partners make better decisions. That's why we proactively offer one-on-one, comprehensive financial planning to individual participants.

Fee Benchmarking for existing plans

This process takes you through and reviews all fees and expenses to ensure the most competitive fee structures possible.

DOL compliance

We work with your plan administrator to ensure your plan remains compliant, providing transparency, level fees, no commission - and personalized support at every step.

Transparent fee structure and proper disclosures

Clarity is at the heart of all we do. All of our fees are visible so that you know exactly what you are being charged and what services you receive.

Initial Enrollment meetings for new plans

Active participation is essential to getting the most out of your retirement plan. Each employee has access to personalized support and a detailed enrollment packet tailored to your plan.

Unbiased relationships

We maintain unbiased relationships with retirement plan providers and third party administrators to ensure the best plan design and structure. Your goals remain our only objective.

Personalized service
every step of the way.

Yes, we have more than 125 years of collective experience. Yes, we have the resources of one of the nation's leading financial services companies. But what really defines us is the way we treat our clients. Every question gets a thorough, well-researched answer. Every phone call gets a timely response. Your needs come first. Imagine that.

We eat our own cooking.
and we love it.

Confluence Financial Partners employees retirement assets are invested right alongside client assets through various portfolios. In other words, we practice what we preach with regards to where and how we invest your future.

Tax and accounting services are not services offered by Raymond James.